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Transfer for the Lower Rhine region

As a third performance dimension, the "Third Mission" at the Hochschule Niederrhein fulfills a mission with and into society. We understand the Third Mission as a transfer concept extended by an additional dimension. Through joint dialogue with internal and external stakeholders, the knowledge generated at the university in research and teaching education is reflected into society.

In doing so, we aim with our exchange in manifold areas not only at the communication to the outside, but are interested in the needs and interests of all those involved in society. The dialogue is reciprocal. Whether it is interested citizens taking part in continuing education programs, pupils participating in workshop programs designed especially for them, or companies testing and/or implementing technological usability and applicability together with researchers from the university. It is the two-way exchange that is sought between academia, business and society to enable the permeability of science into society and, conversely, to address questions and biases of citizens regarding a scientific institution.

The Third Mission has a liaison character and is intended to bring together contacts via various formats, to bundle questions, to observe trends, and to express the needs of various groups: The Dritte Mission stands for exchange between the Hochschule Niederrhein and society, and so our mission is to take science to where people are - right in the middle of the Niederrhein region. We want to make ourselves visible and audible, be noticed, recruit students and convince transfer partners of our range of services.

Maike Eufinger, Dipl.-Des.
Event Management Deputy Head of University Communications Head of Third Mission Team
Dr. rer. nat. Joachim Schick, Dipl.-Biol.
Third Mission Team University Communications
Ingrida Dolfen, M.A.
Wiss. MA. Transfer Manager "Third Mission"
Bettina Hansmeier, Dipl.-Des.
Third Mission Team University Communications