International prospective students

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A warm welcome to all prospective international students

If you are from a non-EU country you will find information on how to apply for a full degree programme at the Hochschule Niederrhein (HSNR) on this website.

For general inquiries, please use our contact form. For a personal consultation, please arrange an appointment.

If you are from the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway, or if you would like to apply for a dual, part-time or continuing studies programme, you can apply directly via the HSNR online portal.

We hope to be able to welcome you soon at the HSNR.

The following table shows which language skills you need for which degree programme.

Please submit the relevant certificates upon enrolment at the latest.

Please note: When applying for a study place it is sufficient to submit proof of your current language skills or proof that you are due to take a suitable language test in the near future.

The application process via uni-assist

All prospective students who are citizens of a non-EU country and have acquired their higher education entrance qualification (HZB) in a non-EU country apply via the application portal uni-assist.

→ All other international students please refer to the next chapter "Exceptions (application directly via the HSNR portal)" below.

To help you with the application process, please find here a uni-assist application checklist as well as a step-by-step instruction.

Please note that for undergraduate degree programmes with restricted admission (1st semester) you also have to register at → This checklist  might be helfpul.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are uni-assist's application deadlines?

Deadlines summer semester
(subject to change)

  • Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes open for admission: 01 November - 15 February

  • Master Textile Products/Master Management of Textile Trade and Technology: 01 November - 15 December

  • Admission restricted (NC) Bachelor's degree programmes (DoSV 01 November - 15 December

  • Admission restricted (NC) Master's degree programmes: 01 November - 15 December

  • Application for a higher semester: 01 November - 15 February

Deadlines winter semester
(subject to change)

  • Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes open for admission: 01 May - 15 August

  • Master Textile Products/Master Management of Textile Trade and Technology: 01 May - 15 June

  • Admission restricted (NC) Bachelor's degree programmes (DoSV 01 May - 15 June

  • Admission restricted (NC) Master's degree programmes: 01 May - 15 June

  • Application for higher specialisation semester: 01 May - 15 August

Please note:

Your application will be considered as long as it was submitted on time, even if the review takes place after the application deadline.

Does uni-assist charge a fee?

Yes, uni-assist charges a fee for reviewing your documents, which must be paid in advance.

You will automatically be asked to pay after you have completed your online application.

What documents do I need to upload?

Please upload the following documents - even without certification - to the uni-assist portal:

  • Certificate of your higher education entrance qualification

  • if applicable, university entrance examination (e.g. Iran, Portugal, Spain, Turkey)

  • if applicable, assessment test of a preparatory college or TestAS certificate

  • if applicable, degree or previous academic achievements (degree certificate, overview of subjects and grades, grading system)

  • for applications from China, India or Vietnam: APS document

  • if applicable, proof of practical activities related to the course of study

  • Proof of current language skills or registration for language test soon to be taken

Do copies have to be certified?

No. The documents must be copies of the original documents.

If the original is not in English or German, a sworn translation in English or German must also be uploaded.

How long does the review take?

After your application and payment have been duly received by uni-assist, uni-assist will check your documents and send you the results of the examination. This can take 4 - 6 weeks.

The earlier you apply, the faster the review will take place: As experience shows: a lot of applications are received at the end of the application period and the review then takes correspondingly longer.

When and how will I be admitted to HSNR?

If you meet the formal requirements, your application will be forwarded to HSNR for a decision.

The HSNR will inform you by e-mail if registration/enroment in the desired degree programme is possible.

For degreeprogrammes that are open for admission, you will then be invited to register / to enrol.

For degree programmes that are admission-restricted, the allocation of places can only take place once all applications have been checked by uni-assist and forwarded to the HSNR.

This is normally the case at the end of January for the summer semester or at the end of July for the winter semester at the earliest.

How do I enrol in HSNR?

After admission or after we have invited you to enrol, you can submit a request for enrolment, which you send - in due time - by e-mail with all the required documents (as pdf files) to the student office (studierendenbuero(at)

On this website you will finde more information on the digital enrolment process.

We reserve the right to - occasionally - request certified copies of certificates for further review.

How do I apply for a higher semester?

Please find detailed information here.

Can I reapply via uni-assist?

If you have applied for a degree programme at HSNR through uni-assist before and would like to apply again, please email us at internationalapplicants(at) and include your former uni-assist applicantion number.

Exceptions (application directly at the HSNR)

All prospective students who are citizens of the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway can apply directly via the HSNR's online portal.

Likewise, all prospective students who

  • have obtained their HZB in an EU country, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway or at a school offering a German "Abitur",

  • live in Germany and whose registered partner, spouse or parent is an EU citizen and works in Germany,

  • have already obtained a degree in Germany or in a country of the EU, in Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway,

  • would like to apply for part-time, dual, career-integrated or continuing studies,

apply directly online at the HSNR.

Please register with beforehand if you wish to apply for an admission-restricted degree programme  → this Checklist might be helfpul.

Please provide proof of your required language skills in any case.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are HSNR's application deadlines?

On this website your will find HSNR's application deadlines.

Is an assessment test regarded as German HZB?

The assessment test of a Studienkolleg ist not considered a German HZB.

Therefore, graduates of a Studienkolleg will have to apply via uni-assist .

What documents do I need to submit?

After submitting the online application, please send us the following application documents by e-mail (, if you have not already uploaded them during the online application:

  • Certificate of higher education entrance qualification

  • If applicable, university entrance examination (e.g. Iran, Portugal, Spain, Turkey)

  • if applicable, degree or previous academic achievements (degree certificate, overview of subjects and grades, grading system)

  • if applicable, proof of practical activities related to the course of study

  • Proof of required language skills or registration for language test

  • Proof of eligibility to apply "like Germans" (e.g. copy of marriage certificate, passport copy of spouse)

Are translations / certifications necessary?

Certificates must always be submitted in the original language and as a sworn translation if the original language is not German or English.

Further information on sworn translations can be found here:
Sworn translations and certifications.

We adhere to a digital enrolment process. Only in individual cases do we reserve the right to request certificates as originals or certified copies to be sent by post.

How do I enrol at HSNR?

If you application meets all the requirements, you will be invited to enrol online takes place after successful application.

Test for international students - TestAS

International prospective students who have an HZB abroad but not in Germany can start their studies at the HSNR if they have successfully completed the TestAS beforehand.

The following still applies: applicants from non-EU countries apply via uni-assist, unless they meet one of the criteria described above under exceptions, in which case they can apply directly via the HSNR's online portal.

These are the examination regulations.

You can see which subject test is required for which degree programme in the table under the FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where and how can I sit the TestAS?

There is a digital and a paper-based version of the TestAS. You can register to take the exam at various test centres (

With regard to the paper-based test, you need to achieve 90 points in both the core as well as the subject test in order to be able to start a degree programme at the HSNR, provided that you fulfill all other entry requirements as well.

In the online test, 50 points in the TestAS score are required for admission to the HSNR.

In which language can I take the TestAS?

The HSNR accepts the TestAS in German as well as in English.

Please note: you will still need to proof your language proficiency with one of the accepted certificates upon enrolment.

Can it offset subject-related qualifications?

Yes, if your higher education entrance qualification is subject-related, you can broaden your qualification to include other subjects by means of the subject-specific TestAS modules.

See next questions for the range of subject-specific modules.

Which TestAS subject tests can I choose from?

There are four subject-specific modules:

1. Humanities, cultural studies and social sciences (GKG)

2. Engineering (I)

3. Mathematics, computer science and natural sciences (MIN)

4. Economics (W)

Which subject module entitles you to which degree programme?


The International Office has established a Buddy Programme to bring together newly enrolled international students as well as exchange students with experienced HSNR students.


This way new students will receive help and support from more advanced students and ease into student life more quickly.


Being a "buddy" is a voluntary activity and free of charge for international students.


Advantages for international students

Participating international and exchange students will benefit from


  • getting to know the university and its campus with a buddy
  • being supported at the start of their studies
  • finding their way around the city and familiarise themselves with the German culture
  • meeting new people easily
  • being supported when dealing with authorities
  • taking part in activities as part of the Buddy Programme (Buddy meetings or GLOBUS events)

Advantages for HSNR students

Students, who become HSNR-Buddies (mentors), will


  • acquire intercultural competencies on campus and apply language skills
  • get to know members of an international network and become part of it
  • meet many new people
  • get to know students from other countries which will prepare them for their own semester abroad
  • be able to pass on already gained experiences from a semester abroad and thus help international students
  • be able to accomplish one component towards for the Certificate for Intercultural Competence (ZIK)
  • will receive a Certificate of honorary commitment

For additional information, interested HSNR students can refer to the Buddy Programme Flyer and the Buddy Programme Guide.



Please register via the links below no later than:


October 15th (winter semester)


March 15th (summer semester)


The data to be provided for the buddy programme, will be used solely for the purpose of networking between buddies.



GLOBUS is HSNR's international student network and an initiative of the International Office.


Our student GLOBUS tutors put a lot of effort and committment into supporting and extending the network on campus.


The focus is on joint activities to facilitate exchange and dialogue between international students - also exchange students - from all semesters and disciplines.


The activities include Welcome Days for newly arrived students, excursions and various semester activities.


Welcome Days
Summer Semester 2024


Our Welcome Days for international students and exchange students will take place on 22nd and 23rd of March.


Date, time and programme will be published here very shortly.


We are looking forward to meeting you there!



Semester Programme
Activities Summer 2024


    We are currently planning new activities.


    Please bear with us, we will publish all details very shortly.



    HSNR's GLOBUS Team

    Hochschule Niederrhein can financially support international students by means of graduation scholarships or the DAAD prize.

    Should you have questions regarding funding programmes or need a personal consultation, please contact Katharina Tsang at the International Office.

    Graduation scholarships

    The Hochschule Niederrhein is able to award a limited number of graduation scholarships within the STIBET program for students from non-EU countries. The STIBET program is sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funds from the German Foreign Office (AA).

    Limited funding from STIBET I is available for 2024. Applications are accepted twice a year.

    Graduation scholarships are intended to provide assistance in the final phase of studies to international students with good academic records who are in a difficult financial situation.

    Amount of support:
    maximum 6 months; maximum scholarship: 1,200 euros.

    Requirements for application:

    • Origin from a non-EU country
    • Study progress: Bachelor: 70% of CP (126 for 180 CP, 147 for a 7-sem. Degree programme), Master: 66% (80 CP or 60 for MTTT or Design).
    • Ideally, you have already successfully completed all examinations except for the thesis; if this is not yet the case at the time of application, please integrate this into the study plan for your application
    • good academic achievements
    • Indigence (regular income below the current BAföG rate)

    German equals (e.g. through marriage) and Bafög recipients are generally not eligible for sponsorship.

    Application deadlines:
    Your application can be submitted by the deadlines below.
    After the following deadlines, a selection committee will review the applications:

    The following application deadlines apply:

    - Application deadline in the current summer semester: 15th March to 15th April

    - Application deadline in the current winter semester: 15th September to 15th October

    Please apply only during the specified period.

    Please send the following documents in one document via email to the International Office.

    Only complete application documents can be considered:

    1) Graduation Scholarship Application Form (see download below).

    2) Justification of the application (separate letter, 1 page)

    3) Self-written study plan (when will any outstanding examinations be taken, if applicable? When will the thesis be registered and submitted? If the thesis has already been registered, please submit this proof).

    4) Current grade report

    5) Bank statements for the last six months (of all existing accounts, incl. blocked accounts)

    6) If applicable, other proof (e.g. honorary commitment or similar, if available)

    Please send all documents in the above order as a PDF file.

    After the selection committee meeting, the International Office will inform you about the result of your application approximately 3-4 weeks after the deadline.

    DAAD Prize

    The Hochschule Niederrhein annually awards the DAAD Prize to an international student who has distinguished himself or herself through special academic achievements and remarkable social or intercultural commitment.

    Each faculty can first propose a particularly suitable student.

    The Senate selects the award winner.

    The prize money of € 1,000 is provided by the DAAD from funds of the Federal Foreign Office.

    The nomination deadline for the DAAD Award 2024 will be the 1st of November.

    Proposals can be submitted to the International Office.

    Verena Holzki
    International Office Prospective international students (degree seekings)