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What actually is HONOUR?

Students who are identified by outstanding academic achievements, special social commitment or above-average motivation are to be sponsored by the HONOUR program.

In the HONOUR program, support is defined as the promotion of interdisciplinary cross-sectional competencies, so-called future skills, i.e. skills that are becoming increasingly important for professional life and social participation, such as judgment, sustainability and reflection competencies, the ability to collaborate and work in a team.

Scholarship Advice
How does the HONOUR program work?

The HONOUR program usually runs for one year and starts annually in November with a kick-off event.

The following program contents are run through:

  • December: Participation in the team building day for the service learning project (one day).
  • February/ June: Participation in a seminar as part of the Winter Academy (optional Summer Academy) and participation in a World Café (one day)
  • March: Work on a concrete service learning project (2 weeks in the lecture-free period) incl. design thinking workshop
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How do I register for it?

Students with outstanding studies will receive an invitation to the program from the faculty.

In addition, all students at HSNR with a high level of social commitment or with a strong motivation to take on social responsibility and participate in the program can apply.


Mathematics Alignment Courses

Every year in the winter semester, we offer all students at the Hochschule Niederrhein the opportunity to take part in the mathematics alignment courses. In seminars and coordinated tutorials, we repeat and practice the foundations courses of mathematics with you, from algebra, geometry, power calculations, and curve discussions to analytical geometry.

The content is based on your programme subject, but should be seen as a supplement and does not anticipate programme content. Active and regular participation will help improve your academic success in mathematics.

Online course to prepare for studies

With the online math bridge course OMB+ you can optimally prepare for studies with integrated math compulsory courses. In the free math course you learn online whenever it suits you. The tutors in the call center will be happy to support you. You can reach them daily - even on weekends - via chat, telephone or forum. The course helps you to work through the school math material to such an extent that you can follow the university courses without any problems.

If you have a German Abitur or equivalent, you will need about 60 hours to complete the course.

hm4mint: Online course on mathematics I

The course is aimed primarily at students of STEM subjects. It is based on the OMB+ and covers the topics of the Math I lectures. This course is also free of charge. The tutors of the call center are happy to help with mathematical questions. Sample problems and exercises will be pre-calculated. 40% correct answers in the intermediate tests entitle the student to take the written exam at the end of the semester. If the written examination is passed, the credit points can be credited to the corresponding Bachelor's degree programmes.

Moodle course hm4mint

This course provides you with the latest HSNR info for the online math course hm4mint. You will also find sample exams to get an idea of the exam requirements.

The enrollment key is: success

The Hochschule Niederrhein further qualifies

The Summer Academy / Winter Academy offers the opportunity to strengthen and optimize personal competencies in order to optimally further one's education and to be up to date in one's studies and profession tomorrow. A large number of seminars from very different areas of the so-called key competencies invite you to acquire methodical, communicative and social skills. Experienced speakers, small seminar groups and participant-activating methods guarantee personal added value.

Tutoring Program

Tutors support teaching education in all faculties at the university and accompany students as they embark on their studies. In order to avoid "jumping in at the deep end", they are methodically and didactically prepared for their assignment in the university-wide tutor program. This qualification also offers the opportunity to acquire the certificate for tutors.

The individual seminars in the tutoring program are tailored to the corresponding target groups. For example, first-semester tutors are trained with regard to a successful introductory week; subject tutors receive valuable methodological-didactic tips regarding the design of their subject tutorials. Repetitors acquire important tools for advising and accompanying learning groups. An exchange of experiences among each other is guaranteed in every seminar.

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