Where is what?
Building plans of the sites

Hochschule Niederrhein. Your way.

Building A

Student Services, University Administration, Family Service, Equal Opportunities

Basement, rooms AK01 to AK80

First floor, rooms AE01 to AE80

1st floor, rooms A100 to A190

Building D

Building J

Faculty of Industrial Engineering, University Communications, Administration

First floor, rooms JE01 to JE22

1st floor, rooms J101 to J146

2nd floor, rooms J201 to J252

Building M

Building T

Building B

Building F (Director's House)

Building H

Faculty of Textile and Clothing Technology

First floor, rooms HE01 to HE27

Building Q

Building T

Faculty of Applied Social Sciences

First floor, rooms TE01 to TE05

Building U

University administration, seminar rooms, HLL, competence centre Ethna

1st floor, rooms U101 to U123

2nd floor, rooms U200 to U210

Building W1 (Monforts Quarter) - CMC

Cyber Management Campus

Monforts Quartier
Schwalmstraße 301
41238 Mönchengladbach


First floor

Upper floor

Overview room numbers

Building Y1

Faculty of Applied Social Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Staff Council TuV, Occupational Health and Safety

Basement, rooms Y1 K01 to Y1 K04

First floor, rooms Y1 E01 to Y E19

1st floor, rooms Y1 100 to Y1 109

Building Z

Faculty of Textile and Clothing Technology, Public Testing Laboratory for Textiles, FTB-Institute, Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, Language Center, University Workshop

Basement, rooms ZK01 to ZK19

First floor, rooms ZE01 to ZE40

1st floor, rooms Z100 to Z144

2nd floor, rooms Z200 to Z243