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Girls' and Boys' Day 2023 at The Hochschule Niederrhein

The Hochschule Niederrhein is once again taking part in the nationwide Girls' & Boys' Day this year with various offers.

On April 27, 2023, pupils from the 8th grade onwards will once again have the opportunity to visit various offers at the university on Girls' & Boys' Day.

The aim is to get girls interested in careers in the technical and scientific fields (e.g. Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Cyber Security, Industrial Engineering) and to introduce boys to careers in which men are less likely to be found (e.g. designing smart textiles at the Faculty of Textile and Clothing Technology, 3D visualization and animation at the Faculty of Design, edible packaging at the Faculty of Food and Nutrition Sciences).

One of this year's specializations is on offers related to the environment and climate. Young people can, for example, calculate their ecological footprint at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, learn about the possibilities for recycling plastics at the Faculty of Mechanical and Process Engineering or experience the energy transition first-hand at the SWK E² Institute with experiments in the laboratory with refrigerators, heaters and ventilation and air conditioning systems.


The Hochschule Niederrhein, with the support of the Equal Opportunities Department, is providing a total of 68 pupils and 213 students with opportunities at eight faculties, two institutes and the library. The majority of the offers take place on site at the university, while the Faculty of Chemistry's offer "Technical Chemistry - A look beyond the edge of the test tube" also takes place digitally. The materials required for the digital offer will be sent to the pupils by post in advance.


The Hochschule Niederrhein's Girls' & Boys' Day offers can be found on the university's website: and

Registration takes place exclusively via the Girls' Day or Boys' Day radar.


Girls' & Boys' Day is a nationwide day of action to give young people an insight into a wide range of professional fields that they would otherwise rarely consider.

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