Gender-inclusive language

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The Senate of the Hochschule Niederrhein adopted the currently valid framework plan for gender equality in its meeting on February 4, 2019. This specifies the use of gender-equitable language in both internal and external communication.



Communication serves to understand each other...

...and takes place with the help of language and signs.

Language is an important, if not the most important component of communication. It influences our consciousness and our perception. Language is not static, it is dynamic and constantly changing.

Gender-equitable language can support social change and make an important contribution to gender equality.

The Hochschule Niederrhein cares about equal treatment of all genders through language. Gender-equitable language and images help us to advance equality in language as well.

In this way, everyone feels addressed.


Because we would like to adopt a uniform approach to gender-inclusive writing throughout the university, the President's Office has published a handout on gender-inclusive language. This sets out rules and makes suggestions as to how we would like to formulate gender-inclusive language in the future. Existing documents do not need to be revised immediately; here it is sufficient to use gender-inclusive language in the next edition or revision.

If you have any questions, Equal Opportunity and the University Communications department will be happy to assist you.


To support the use of gender-inclusive language, below are additional helpful links that can assist you with gender-inclusive wording: