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New offer for the summer semester

The four faculties of Chemistry (FB 01), Electrical Engineering and ComputerScience (FB 03), Mechanical and ProcessEngineering (FB 04) and Industrial Engineering (FB 09) of the Hochschule Niederrhein offer a joint orientation semester for students interested in technical subjects in the summer semester. This means that it is now also possible to start a regular course of study in the summer semester.

A degree in engineering is a perfect starting point to help shape the world around you. For years, the job market has been desperately seeking qualified graduates to drive technical and scientific progress. In this orientation semester, you can have a look at the various degree programmes offered by the faculties with the help of a cross-disciplinary project, a round table on sustainability topics at the interface with engineering and several other events. You will not only get to know the everyday life at the university and other first-year students, but also find out what exactly your field of study is.

Programme of Study

The orientation semester is a new programme of study: the respective existing 6-semester Bachelor's degree programmes are extended to 7 semesters (210 ECTS) with the orientation semester. This does not change the respective curriculum of the underlying degree programmes. The joint orientation semester is simply an extension that precedes the existing Degree programmes, giving students the opportunity to start their studies as early as the summer semester.

The orientation semester offers the chance to find the right engineering discipline for oneself in the orientation semester, and then begin the regular bachelor's degree program in the winter semester.

Students can choose from any of the participating Degree programmes. Application and registration is done in the usual way.


Interdisciplinary Project (12 ECTS)

  • Practical project with elements from all participating engineering disciplines
  • Accompanying seminar course to explain basic methods and techniques on the project example

Mathematics in Applications (6 ECTS)

  • Use of mathematics in different application disciplines to model their problems and solve tasks

Sustainability and Technology (6 ECTS)

  • Ring seminar with different topics in the field of tension between sustainability and engineering sciences

Orientation in engineering sciences (3 ECTS)

  • Insight into the different engineering Degree programmes of the university and their future fields of activity
  • Contact with former students and other young professionals
  • Term paper for active consideration of the choice of study program

Compulsory optional module foreign language (3 ECTS)

Students can choose from the following courses:

  • German as a foreign language in an engineering context
  • English in preparation for the later modules on Technical English
  • Other foreign language such as Dutch in preparation for semester abroad or internships
Module Descriptions

More information

Of course, this website does not answer all questions. For more information about our Degree programmes, please contact our Student Degree Programme Counselling. Or you can drop by the Engineering Day and get a first-hand impression of us and our degree programmes.

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To start your studies with the orientation semester in the summer semester, you can register via our online portal.

If you would like to transfer to our Degree programmes from another degree programme, you should contact the relevant Examinations Board in advance. (We will help you find the right contact.) He will help you with questions regarding the recognition of existing academic achievements and the creation of an individual study plan.

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