Prof. Dr. Georg Wittich

Hochschule Niederrhein. Your way.

Food science, especially food chemistry, analysis and law

Since May 2001
Professor at the Faculty of Food, Nutrition and Hospitality Sciences at the Hochschule Niederrhein in Mönchengladbach
Field of teaching: Food Sciences,
especially Food Chemistry, Analytics and Food Law
Fields of work: Quality Management, System Assessment, Cook & Chill, Utilization of Food Processing Residues
since 2009 Degree Programme Coordinator for the Master's degree programme in Food, Nutrition and Hospitality Sciences, from 2015 Degree Programme Coordinator for Food Sciences (Bachelor and Master)
since September 2014: Dean of the Faculty of Food, Nutrition and Hospitality Sciences

1992 - 2001
SUEDZUCKER AG Mannheim/ Ochsenfurt, Central Department Food Quality and General Consumer Policy.
Since 1996, head of "Quality Management and Industrial Hygiene" in the central department.
Since 1997 also responsible for the companies belonging to the group Schöller-Holding GmbH & Co KG, Nuremberg
Areas of responsibility: Establishment of quality management and HACCP systems, monitoring of food law developments at national and international level, expansion and organization of quality assurance, implementation of quality improvement projects in production plants, performance of risk assessments for chemical and biological contaminants.

1991 - 1992
Scientific assistant in the Department of Food Microbiology and Hygiene at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität
Research areas: rapid methods for the determination of yeasts harmful to beverages, inhibition of microorganisms by disinfectants and food ingredients

Doctorate in microbiology.
Topic: Studies on the development of a standard test method for disinfectants for use in the beverage industry.

1988 - 1991
Work on the dissertation in the Department of Food Microbiology and Hygiene at the University of Bonn
Teaching assignment in Microbiology at the University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein/FB Food, Nutrition and Hospitality Sciences Mönchengladbach

1986 - 1987
Chemical and Food Inspection Office of the District of Mettmann.

1981 - 1986
Studies in food chemistry at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster/W.


Stabilization of the green hue in vegetable purees during storage
Lebensmittelchemie 70, 104 (2016)
[Abstract for poster presentation: Regional Association Conference LChG/NRW on 09.03.2016 in Mönchengladbach]

Rate-all-that-apply (RATA) - Questions on the sensory investigation of savory flavored gels
[Poster presentation, Regional Association Meeting LChG/NRW on 18.03.2015 in Düsseldorf]

Optimization of a flavored gel of the flavor "cherry" for dysphagia patients
Lebensmittelchemie 69, 131-132 (2015)
[Abstract for poster presentation: Deutscher Lebensmittelchemikertag 2014 in Gießen]

Sachstandsbericht über Lebensmittelverluste, -abfälle und -reststoffe in Deutschland - Survey Report on Food Losses, Food Waste and Food Residual Matter in Germany
Foodward (Project No: 2014-1-TR01_KA204-013041)

Sustainability as a quality feature: communication through labeling
Home Economics and Science 62, 84-90 (2014)

Report on the state of the implementation of EU Food Safety related legislation in Germany - Sachstandsbericht zur Umsetzung von EU-Vorschriften zur Lebensmittelsicherheit in Deutschland (State: December 2012)
FIEL (Project No: 2012-1-TR1-LEO05_35116) 2013

Quality management trainees for the food industry
Food Hygiene & Quality, Issue 03/2009, p. 23-24

RFID in the aptitude test
Lebensmitteltechnik 40 , 76-77 (11/2008)

New legal requirements for hygiene and traceability in the EU
in: BROIL, G. (Ed.)
Conference proceedings of the FA Haushaltstechnik of the DGH, symposium Mönchengladbach 16.02.2006
Shaker Verlag, Aachen 2008

Possible applications of RFID technology in quality management in the food industry
Shaker Verlag, Aachen 2008

Cook and Chill (Part 2): Investigation on the influence on the content of vitamin C
Home Economics and Science 52, 138-141 (2004)

Cook and Chill - Investigation and Evaluation of a Catering System
Shaker Verlag, Aachen 2004

Guide "Traceability"
ILWI, Bonn 2001

Guide "Further development of quality management in food companies on the basis of ISO 9000 ff.:2000".
ILWI, Bonn 2000

Guide "HACCP-Konzept, 3. überarb. Aufl.
ILWI, Bonn 1997

Guideline and warning values for frozen ready-meals (Lebensmitteltechn. 92/3, 89)
Guideline and warning values for delicatessen salads (Lebensmitteltechn. 92/5, 12)
Guidance and warning values for bakery products (Lebensmitteltechn. 96/6, 52)
Guidance and warning values for pasta (Lebensmitteltechn. 96/7-8, 45)
Guidance and warning values for whipped cream (Lebensmitteltechn. 99/3, 60)
Guidance and warning values for chocolates and cocoa powder (Lebensmitteltechn. 99/10, 62)
Guidance and warning values for natural casings (Lebensmitteltechn. 2000/3, 85)
Guidance and warning values for separate fruits, fruit powders, nuts and coconut flakes (Lebensmitteltechn. 2000/9, 72)
Guidance and warning values for fruit pulps (Lebensmitteltechn. 2002/3, 70)
Guidance and warning values for smoked salmon (Lebensmitteltechn. 2001/6, 67)
Guidance and warning values for graved salmon (Lebensmitteltechn. 2001/6, 67)
Guidance and warning values for infant formula based on milk powder (Lebensmitteltechn. 2002/3, 70)
Guidance and warning values for cereal milling products (Lebensmitteltechn. 2003/10, 68)

Test procedure for the rapid detection of yeasts harmful to lemonade in liquid sugar.
Food Chemistry 47, 68 (1993)

Investigations for rapid detection of limonadenharmful yeasts in liquid sugar in the context of quality assurance.
Monatschr. f. Brauwiss. 45, 324-330 (1992)

Studies on resistance differences of beverage-spoiling yeasts and their ascospores to disinfectants.
Monatschr. f. Brauwiss. 45, 156-160 (1992)

Inactivation of peroxide-containing preparations in the context of efficacy testing of disinfectants.
Hygiene + Medicine 17, 44-50 (1992).

Aspects of the examination of disinfectants for the beverage industry.
Hygiene + Medicine 15, 186-191 (1990).

2021 - 2025

253 Friedrich, Neele (MSc)
Investigations on the desalination of beer produced on the basis of residual bread
November 2022

252. Bretschneider, Yasemin (MSc)
Investigation on the influence of magnesium on the stability of green color in plant extracts
August 2022

251. Gerold, Jasmin (BSc)
Preparation for EU approval in mass catering establishments
May 2022

250. Ann-Kathrin Schlebusch (BSc)
The implementation of a food fraud prevention system in the context of quality assurance for food supplements
May 2022

249. Iking, Laura (BSc)
Comparison of sales descriptions of products made from milk in selected countries in Europe and the European Union
April 2022

248. Rullkötter, Jana (MSc)
Possibilities and limitations of implementing QM systems and verification of their use with the help of telecommunication techniques and virtual instruments
February 2022

247. Koepcke, Christian (BSc)
Investigations on the validation of an HPLC determination method for lutein in plant extracts
February 2022

246. Heinemann, Lukas (BSc)
Identification and evaluation of possible alternatives to the use of hops in beer brewing
February 2022

245. Müller, Svenja (BSc)
Evaluation of the potential uses and applications of insects as protein substitutes using the example of nut snack products
August 2021

244. Tsallagov, Xenia (BSc)
Evaluation of risks and benefits of adding cannabidiol (CBD) to food
August 2021

243 Reichl, Stefanie (BSc)
Possibilities and limitations of "Nutri-Score" labeling with regard to influencing consumer purchasing and dietary behavior
June 2021

242. Chrisafis, Alexander (BSc)
Opportunities and limitations of food safety standards in ensuring safe food
April 2021

241. Langosch, Fabian (BSc)
Food Fraud and Possibilities of Prevention - Investigation and Evaluation of Measures for the Development of a Prevention Concept for Selected Product Groups
March 2021

240. Abt, Malina (MSc)
Validation of food safety measures using the example of cleaning in confectionery production plants
March 2021

239. Hornecker, Victoria (Msc)
Investigations on the influence of barley grass juice on the stability of green color in smoothies
January 2021

2016 - 2020

238. Geuking, Annika (BSc)
Investigations for the validation of cleaning measures in the production of emulsions
September 2020

237. Lischewski, Nina (BSc)
Organization and evaluation of cleaning measures in the context of allergen management in the processing of nuts and dried fruits
July 2020

236. Jödicke, Nadja (MSc)
Cross-site standardization and optimization of process control specifications using a community of practice
March 2020

235 Kriewolt, Sophie (BSc)
Food Fraud - Evaluation of past food fraud cases in light of current legislation
December 2019

234. Schülke, Nadine (MSc)
Studies on the recovery of antioxidant substances from potato peels and characterization of the extracts
November 2019

233 Freund, Gesa (BSc)
Investigations to evaluate the applicability of a rapid test method for cleaning control in the production of jams and fruit preparations
October 2019

232. Köhler, Jessica (BSc)
Improving Safety and Efficiency of Bulk Transport by Digitalisation of the Supply Chain considering the Example of Sugar Bulk
October 2019

231 Toepffer, Christina (BSc)
Assessing the consumer health risk associated with the presence of tropane alkaloids in hard and dental corn
August 2019

230 Heek, Andrea (MSc)
Investigations on the influence of acetic acid in combination with other factors on microbiological spoilage pathogens in deli salads
August 2019

229. Kallen, Vanessa (BSc)
Investigations on the extraction and isolation of an aroma compound of the flavor "gratinated cheese"
July 2019

228. Ehlers, Scarlett (BSc)
Investigations into the evaluation of raw material differences in apple cubes as a cause of their buoyancy behavior in the production of jam
April 2019

227 Lettmann, Stefanie (BSc)
Investigations into the evaluation and optimization of the application properties of decorative powders
March 2019

226. Tooten, Jana (MSc)
Risk-based introduction to allergen management measures to prevent operational cross-contamination
March 2019

225. Moumin, Aise (BSc)
Health Claims in Food Offerings on Online Marketplaces - Investigation and Evaluation of the Situation in the Light of Food Law Requirements
February 2019

224. Abt, Malina (BSc)
Identification and introduction to standard machine settings for process control of equipment for packaging small-sized product units in pouches
February 2019

223. Appenzeller, Laura (BSc)
Development of a Demonstration Kit to Modulate Fat Reduced Flavored Products
January 2019

222. Hasselbusch, Jana (MSc)
Harmonization and Optimization of Raw Materials Inventory Management Processes in the Merger of Food Manufacturing Companies
November 2018

221. Söllner, Silvia (MSc)
Development of dynamized inspection plans illustrated by selected examples
October 2018

220. Ediger, Ann-Christin (BSc)
Use of flavors in organic certified dairy products and soft drinks
July 2018

219. Teubner, Lena (BSc)
Nudging and punitive taxes for food ingredients that are undesirable from a nutritional perspective
June 2018

218. Striewe, Pia (BSc)
Assessing food safety risks in online food retail processes
June 2018

217. Dilhuit, Miriam (MSc)
Optimization of cross-company planning, information and coordination processes to ensure raw material availability when goods are called off
April 2018

216. Heinen, Silvia (BSc)
Validation of cleaning measures for processing and production lines of dried fruits
March 2018

215. Hüsgen, Sarah (BSc)
Development of a sensory panel for the evaluation of chicken-meat flavours used in meat substitutes
February 2018

214. Wehner, Joana (BSc)
Food recalls - legal as well as organizational framework and current status
February 2018

213. Thume, Martina (BSc)
Development of a concept for the use of lubricants in food production based on risk assessments
February 2018

212. Köters, Corinna (BSc)
Meaning of and understanding of the term regionality as a quality aspect in food marketing
February 2018

211. Jostes, Britta (MSc)
Studies comparing different HPLC separation methods for characterization of enzymatically fragmented cellulose samples
February 2018

210. Beier, Anne (BSc)
Investigations on the influence of storage conditions on the antioxidative potential of extracts from food processing residues
February 2018

209. Erb-Dunkel, Silvia (BSc)
Validation of the determination of selected product texture parameters in mustard using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)
February 2018

208. Thüre, Laura (MSc)
Investigations on enzyme-assisted extraction of malt-bread mixtures for the production of beer wort
February 2018

207. Stegmann, Lara (BSc)
Development of a concept for microbiological monitoring, process verification and validation of coconut water and other plant water production
January 2018

206. Diederich, Anna Julia (BSc)
Investigations to characterize the redox potential of organic chemical and biological systems in food
October 2017

205. Schmidt, Janine (MSc)
Identification and definition of a demand-oriented equipment cleaning and cleaning validation for the production of starch saccharification products
October 2017

204. Westphal, Lucas (BSc)
Investigations on substance migration when using dried plant materials for flavor and product variation in dairy and yogurt products
August 2017

203. Komainda, Stefanie (BSc)
Assessment of health risk from foreign bodies in food and ways to manage risk in food safety systems
July 2017

202. Rothkegel, Robert (BSc)
Food safety and food quality in mobile premises using the example of "food trucks"
July 2017

201. Paffenholz, Sabine (MSc)
Investigations to clarify the course of green stabilization of plant extracts with the addition of barley grass
June 2017

200. Feraco, Luigi (BSc)
Implementation of the IFS Logistics 2.1 standard in the business operations of a food wholesaler
June 2017

199. Lipka, Luzie (BSc)
Investigations to evaluate and optimize the quality control process at a feed manufacturer
April 2017

198. Wiegard, Jennifer (MSc)
Investigations into the use of rice and corn as an alternative fermentation base for beer
March 2017

197. Czaja, Christine (BSc)
Investigations on the stability of green coloration in smoothies when using green vegetable compounds for coloring
March 2017

196. Schöffel, Carolin (BSc)
Investigations on the evaluation of processes for the extraction of essential seed oil from Prunus species for use in food
March 2017

195. Kleeberger, Alina (BSc)
Recast of the EU Novel Food Regulation - Changes and their relevance for practice
March 2017

194 Koller, Caroline (BSc)
Chemical-physical investigations for characterization and comparative assessment of selected sugars
March 2017

193. Rechter, Mona (MSc)
Reduction of side-cut caused scrap in the production of chocolate bars
February 2017

192. Tooten, Jana (BSc)
Investigations to identify and reduce errors in palletizing food containers
February 2017

191 Janßen, Marina (MSc)
Development of a validation and evaluation procedure for pest control services
February 2017

190. Bals, Lucas (BSc)
Investigation into the optimization of selected deli sauces
November 2016

189. Born, Jolanda (BSc)
Overview of national and European food law regulations and requirements for the quality and safety of Rochwurst and raw and cooked cured products
September 2016

188. Huber, Jana (BSc)
Investigations on the influence of volatile components on the flavor effect of caramel
June 2016

187 Brandt, Sandy (BSc)
Comparative investigation of raw material components in frozen commercial products to optimize raw material texture
June 2016

186. Dückers, Stefan (BSc)
Evaluation of the applicability of a multiplex PCR method for the detection of Campylobacter species
June 2016

185. Treutlein, Alina (MSc)
Investigations on enzymatically assisted extraction of phenolic substances with antioxidant activity from residues of beet processing
May 2016

184. Krumm, Sebastian (BSc)
Development of a system for test cost recording and allocation on the level of laboratory activities as a basis for the optimization of test plans and test processes
March 2016

183.Dilhuit, Miriam (BSc)
Definition of a new oven profile (SRC) with regard to the optimization of the quality parameters color and moisture in the production of cookie bars
March 2016

182. Jessen, Amelie (MSc)
Evaluation of Process Control Implementation in Food Industry
March 2016

181 Strehl, Alina (BSc)
Comparative study of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 with regard to the adaptation of the quality management system in a community catering business
February 2016

180 Hörnig, Annika (MSc)
Development of a standard for the validation of the cleaning of food transport vehicles for batch transport
February 2016

2011 - 2015

179. Langer, Markus (MSc)
Investigations on the stabilization of green coloration in plant purees
October 2015

178. Mrugala, Kamille (BSc)
Comparative consideration of the standards "IFS Food" and "IFS Broker" with regard to the implementation in a trading company for potted herbs
October 2015

177.Timme, Anette (BSc)
Residual materials in fruit and vegetable processing and possibilities for their use
September 2015

176.Bendig, Nadine (BSc)
Investigations to optimize the use of cleaning agents and disinfectants in meat processing
August 2015

175. Schmidt, Janine (BSc)
Development of training materials and action instructions on food labeling for the activities of the DRC catering service and field kitchens
August 2015

174.Kötting, Lisa-Marie (MSc)
Investigations into the implementation of the ZNU sustainability standard in the area of trade and logistics of agricultural produce and primary products
June 2015

173.Benske, Andrea (BSc)
Establishing multi-standard compatible quality management documentation for the horticultural logistics sector
June 2015

172. Preiskowski, Anna (MSc)
Assessing the risk of allergen inputs into the corn supply and processing chain
April 2015

171.Janßen, Marina (BSc)
Investigations into standardization and optimization of the pest control process in a corn processing plant
February 2015

170.Mayer, Christina (BSc)
Investigations on the influence of color intensity and properties of chlorophyll containing plant extracts
January 2015

169.Bondareva, Viktoria (MSc)
Investigation of material differences of protein fractions of winter barley malt and spring barley malt
January 2015

168. Rieck, Vanessa (BSc)
Comparision studies on coolings used for chewing gums
August 2014

167. Höck, Stefanie (MSc)
Studies on the use of residual bread as an alternative raw material in the brewing
of beer
August 2014

166. Bonk, Matthias (BSc)
Development of a quality management manual for a company
in the catering industry
June 2014

165.Dohmen, Stefanie (MSc)
Investigations on the use of citrus peel extracts as antioxidant in food
May 2014

164. Bißlich, Julia (MSc)
Development of an enzymatically assisted process for the isolation of ferulic acid from food processing residues
April 2014

163. Ködderitzsch, Julia (BSc)
Evaluation of the applicability and impact of the European Commission guidance on tolerances for nutrition claims in the implementation of nutrition declaration using the example of snack products
February 2014

162. Treutlein, Alina (BSc)
Investigations into the marketability and digestibility of fruit gums sweetened on the basis of stevia glycosides
February 2014

161. Scholz, Natalie (BSc)
Analysis of the process of arugula production to identify factors influencing the content of E. coli and other enterobacteria and to optimize the microbiological status of the finished product
February 2014

160. Junge, Saskia (BSc)
Development and validation of a concept for the management of product changeover in the production of confectionery under holistic consideration of food law and economic requirements
February 2014

159. Weirich, Angela (BSc)
Identification of allergen management measures in the production
of pre-packaged salad and vegetable products with special consideration
of celery
February 2014

158. Jessen, Amelie (BSc)
Improvement and visualization of process standards for the control of a food packaging line with the aim of increasing efficiency
November 2013

157. Hörnig, Annika (BSc)
Investigation of factors influencing the formation of histamine during the production and storage of corn gluten
November 2013

156. Jung, Wanda (BSc)
Development of a concept for cleaning and disinfection in an airline catering operation based on internal services and external services
September 2013

155. Langer, Markus (BSc)
Target-performance analysis for sustainability requirements of the ZNU standard in the areas of "economic" and "social" for the integration of sustainability management into the management system of a food manufacturer
August 2013

154. Bonberg, Katja (MSc)
Evaluation of Six Sigma experiences in food industry and optimization of Six Sigma performing by case study in the field of product wrapping
August 2013

153. Heckler, Kerstin (MSc)
Investigations to develop and visualize Standard Running Conditions (SRC) by analysis of selected food wrapping processes
August 2013

152. Schagun, Christian (MSc)
Investigations into the occurrence and prevention of thermophilic acidophilic bacteria (TAB) in starch saccharification products
July 2013

151. Carl, Julia (BSc)
Investigation of the possibilities and limitations of traceability to origin for raw materials in sushi production
July 2013

150. Zimmer, Eva (BSc)
Identification of sustainability indicators and development of associated criteria for a pet food manufacturing company
April 2013

149. Jessat, Verena (BSc)
Sustainability management systems for food companies - comparative study of selected standards
March 2013

148. Grüber, Anne-Sophie (MSc)
The role of prebiotic inulin-type fructans for the dietary management of hyperlipidemia with specific focus on long-chain inulin - a risk-benefit analysis
February 2013

147. Linke, Annika (BSc)
Develpoment of a standard procedure to identify, determine and implement Standard Running Conditions for food production processes
February 2013

146. Holstein, Deborah (BSc)
Preparation of content and organization of a certification to carry the claim "GMO-free" in a brewery
February 2013

145. Wendt, Vaneska (BSc)
Investigations into the development and validation of a system for monitoring the sustainable implementation of specifications and requirements in the course of official food monitoring
January 2013

144. Küchenberg, Sabrina (BSc)
Investigations on the influence of situational air quality on product quality in bread production
December 2012

143. Höfer, Elena (BSc)
Optimization of the complaint management process in a company for testing and consulting services for food companies
December 2012

142. Jetten, Maike (BSc)
Detection methods for allergens and their possible use in allergen management
September 2012

141. Hofer, Julia (BSc)
Possibilities and limits of food traceability using the ifood enterprise resource planning system against the background of legislative and IFS requirements
August 2012

140. Tretter, Karin
Evaluation of the use of airborne microbial testing methods in the context of quality management in food production plants
February 2012

139. Hoeck, Stefanie (BSc)
Enzymatic transesterification of vegetable oils and fats using a laboratory model in comparison with chemical transesterification
February 2012

138. Kuhn, Julia (BSc)
Identification of changes in sensory quality in carrots dried with different process techniques by using sensory profiling
February 2012

137. Wortberg, Anne (BSc)
Possibilities and limits of traceability of tuna and tuna products
January 2012

136. Bißlich, Julia (BSc)
Investigations on enzymatically assisted extraction of antioxidative and phenolic substances from apple pomace
November 2011

135 Schnellhardt, Kirsten (MSc)
Identification and evaluation of options for supplementation with micronutrients based on natural raw materials
November 2011

134. Breiwe, Judith (BSc)
Optimization of pasteurization of beer and beverages with regard to food safety, sensory quality and energy consumption
September 2011

133. Rogmann, Daniel
Design of quality management for a food monitoring authority taking into account the requirements of the AVVRüb
September 2011

132. Kaisers, Karl-Heinz (BSc)
Trends and current developments in the analysis of fruits and fruit juices
September 2011

131. Santema, Mario (BSc)
Introduction to and validation of a database-supported system for managing and controlling quality-related information using the example of certificates of analysis
September 2011

130. Thierschmann, Markus (BSc)
Trends and current developments in the analysis of vegetables and vegetable juices
September 2011

129. Mintgen, Christina (BSc)
Creation of a risk-oriented inspection plan for incoming raw materials at a manufacturer of infant and children's products
September 2011

128. Bonberg, Katja (BSc)
Optimization of application and specification for egg albumen to be used in foams and nougat
August 2011

127. Schmidt, Saskia (BSc)
Development of an application standard to use the SPC-System "Datalyzer" for food and pet food production
August 2011

126. Münstermann, Stefanie (BSc)
Superfruits - risk assessment and legal status for use as food
August 2011

125. Heckler, Kerstin (BSc)
Allergen management in selected process areas of confectionery production in the context of an operational preventive program (oPRP)
August 2011

124. Hladofsky, Stefanie
Incentive systems and opportunities for the implementation of management measures in food companies
June 2011

123. Kircher, Nadja
Food safety in international trade - networking of regulations, organizations and instruments
April 2011

122. Künzel, Anika (BSc)
Verification and elaboration of preparation recommendations for a convenience seasoning mix and its evaluation with regard to quality and food safety
February 2011

121. Hilgers, Johannes (BSc)
Flavor modulation studies to improve the use of stevia in dairy products
January 2011

2006 - 2010

120. Golomb, Annika
Obstacles and reservations to the introduction to RFID-supported data management solutions in small and medium-sized enterprises in the food industry
December 2010

119. Freerichs, Julia
Process optimization of multihead weigher for overweight reduction in the chocolate industry
December 2010

118. Gebhardt, Christina
Validation of a quantitative determination method for nitrate in arugula in the context of incoming goods inspection
October 2010

117. Dziakowicz, Kinga
Optimization and standardization of work processes in the area of equipment reprocessing in airline catering
October 2010

116. villis, Kathrin

Introduction to the key performance indicator "First Time Quality" as a basis for improving service quality in an airline catering operation
September 2010

115. Classen, Vanessa
Risk assessment regarding the occurrence of nitrate in arugula
September 2010

114. Gerhards, Sonja
Establishment of an IT-supported documentation system for the quality management of a baked goods manufacturer
September 2010

113. hintzen, Julia

Optimization of the raw material receiving process for a fat production and processing company with special regard to information flows
September 2010

112. Rodday, Janina
Optimization of the product innovation process in a medium-sized company and verification and validation by means of simulation
August 2010

111. Ohlig, Anne
Investigation of the cause of defects and optimization of the appearance of cookie bars with chocolate coating using the Six Sigma approach
August 2010

110. Braun, Katharina (BSc)
Case-related risk analysis to identify possibilities of contamination of food with genetically modified material and to develop quality management measures
August 2010

109. Bremora, Sandra
Investigations into the release behavior of individual flavoring substances in chewing gum
August 2010

108. Barra, Jennifer (BSc)
Development of a concept for product assurance within the framework of a quality management system of a manufacturer of non-alcoholic beverages
August 2010

107. Helfrich, Linda
Adaptation and introduction to an SAP-based system for evidence documentation within the framework of line control and self-inspection
August 2010

106. Ramczykowski, Judith
Investigations into the taste and odor improvement and baking behavior of individual additives to short-run wheat doughs
July 2010

105. Fregien, Ugne
Design and introduction to a HACCP concept for a company restaurant with cook & serve system
July 2010

104. Pilz, Ramona
Development of a concept for the design of the goods receiving process in a fruit and vegetable processing company
July 2010

103. Stormanns, Ira (BSc)
Development of a modular hygiene training program for the hotel and restaurant industry
July 2010

102. Avci, Nafiye
The new European law on flavors and ingredients with flavoring properties and its impact on the food industry
March 2010

101. Fleißgarten, Mirka
Development and optimization of gelatin encapsulation for use in food
March 2010

100. Loosen, Lutz
Development and implementation of a balanced score card for the quality management department of a food production company
March 2010

99. Merker, Christoph
RFID-supported possibilities for inventory management and batch management in the production of fruit juice products
January 2010

98. Mitakou, Evangelia
Design of an Allergen Management System for Sushi Production
January 2010

97. Soltenborn, Vera
Investigation of information flow and information exchange in the processing and marketing chain of meat
November 2009

96. Leibham, Lydia
Development of a verification process for compliance in the QS inspection system for fruit, vegetables and potatoes
November 2009

95. Gilge, Ramona
Comparative evaluation of different nutrient-based labeling systems in terms of their applicability and level of consumer information
October 2009

94. Yazigi, Jinan
Quality factors for soy and soy processing
August 2009

93. Eickholt, Sarah (B.Sc.)
Development of nutritionally optimized pizza products for school catering
August 2009

92. Bernstein, Nadine
Design of a quality management system for an entertainment service company using the example of a multiplex cinema
August 2009

91. Böhme, Nicole
Comparative investigation of water content determination using NIR and SmartTrac methods for use in incoming goods inspection
August 2009

90. Woznica, Barbara
Investigations into the optimization of appearance and distribution in two-component desserts
July 2009

89. Gödde, Friederike
Influence of different heating methods on the vitamin content in shelf-stable infant food
July 2009

88. Leschkowski, Lena
Design of a quality management module for supplier and procurement management
June 2009

87.Penquitt, Nora
Investigations into the use of used absorbents from edible oil refining and the fats recovered from them
June 2009

86. Dittrich, Nora
Evaluation of the risks and benefits of using stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) as a sweetener in food
May 2009

85.Bülhoff, Lars
Investigations on the optimization of chocolate coating in popsicles
February 2009

84. Fell, Christiane
Current status of possibilities and limits of labeling and detection of genetically modified materials in food
February 2009

83.von Puttkamer, Sylvana
Process optimization using the Six Sigma approach as an example of reducing product rejects"
January 2009

82. Huber, Claudia
Investigations into optimizing the process of pasteurization of sliced bread
July 2008

81.Agilönü, Ümit
Influence of different treatment and processing procedures on food ingredients
July 2008

80. Özerturgut, Emek
Implementation of the International Food Standard in sushi production with special regard to hygiene management
July 2008

79.Leduc, Claire
Validation and revision of quality and process specification documentation using the example of a baking company
July 2008

78. Wiemeyer, Annika
Validation of a cocoa roasting plant with regard to food hygiene and safety
July 2008

77.Keuter, Daniela
Investigations into the validation of a sterilization and cleaning process for cereals
July 2008

76. Eltner, Anja
Introduction to and optimization of the rinsing process in a food production plant
July 2008

75.Rademacher, Katharina
Application of the Six Sigma methodology for process improvement in food production using the example of uselected quality parameters
July 2008

74. Tourné, Stefanie
Optimization of the complaint management process in a service company
July 2008

73.Engel, Meike
Development of an allergen management concept for system gastronomy
July 2008

72. Weißpfennig, Insa
Setup and introduction to process default documentation as part of quality management in the production of cheese
June 2008

71.Röttgen, Annika
Implementation of ISO 22000 in a meat processing plant with special regard to hazard analysis and assessment
June 2008

70. Buckmann, Nelly Colette
Evaluation of alternative examination methods for the determination of hygienic and microbiological status
June 2008

69.Paulus, Andrea
Conception of a supplier classification system for a medium-sized meat processing company
June 2008

68. Coh, Ina
Conception of a self-control and hygiene management system in the context of quality management in system catering
June 2008

67.Jerrentrup, Nina
Conception of an internet platform for knowledge transfer in the area of food and nutrition as a measure of sales promotion
February 2008

66. Schmidt, Natascha
Development of an occupational health and safety management concept for integration into an existing management system
January 2008

65.Bluhm, Josephin
Possibilities of allergen management for snack articles with regard to the fulfillment of food and liability law requirements
January 2008

64.Bartkowiak, Anna
Current status of acrylamide contamination of food and possibilities of minimization in food production
January 2008

63. Giesbers, Sabrina
Internal communication and knowledge management as a tool to promote excellence
November 2007

62. Förstner, Dirk
Optimization of specification and inspection planning in incoming inspection of potato products
November 2007

61.Russkoff, Mario
Investigations into the optimization of a chocolate glaze and its application to frozen cakes
September 2007

60. Philipps, Michaela
Development of a vanilla-flavored flavoring for puddings
July 2007

59.Bönning, Julia
Implementation and further development of an internal quality standard with the aid of a key performance indicator system
July 2007

58. Schulz, Tanja
Validation of an HACCP system
July 2007

57. Piontek, Christiane
Revision of an HACCP system with particular reference to CCPs
July 2007

56.Nolden, Noemi
Possible applications of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in quality management in the food industry
July 2007

55. Leis, Nathalie
Conducting a HACCP study for the production of crackling lard
July 2007

54.Fladung, Konstantin
Comparative consideration of raw material investigation and supplier audit as an instrument of supplier evaluation in the meat industry
July 2007

53. Duhr, Katharina
Implementation of the International Food Standard (IFS) in a chocolate producing company
July 2007

52.Heinrichs, Kristin
Possibilities of nutrition and health-related labeling for beverages based on fruit and vegetable juices
July 2007

51. Fischermann, Sarah
Investigations on water binding capacity in shrimps
June 2007

50.Beasley, Allegra
Updating and restructuring the quality manual for a home service company based on ISO 9001
May 2007

49. Manz, Julia
Nutritional evaluation of medium chain fatty acids and their importance in food
February 2007

48.Motak, Ivona
Validation of a rapid determination method for fat and dry matter content in delicatessen products
February 2007

47. Kvint, Tatjana
Influencing factors from primary production and processing on the quality of apple juices and possibilities of their use in process control
January 2007

46.Meyer, Markus
Introduction to a food safety system according to ISO 22000 in airline catering under consideration of international aspects
January 2007

45.Lurtz, Andrea
Development and validation of a method for the quantitative determination of food colorants
August 2006

44. Lieske, Dirk
Evaluation of selected groups of functional foods against the background of existing and expected regulations of food law
August 2006

43.Wollherr, Marike
Development of a risk management system for special and maintenance cleaning in the food industry based on the HACCP approach
August 2006

42. Oberborbeck, Inga
Investigations on process optimization and increase of raw material yield in the production of sliced bread
August 2006

41.Lange, Romy
Development and conception of an allergen management system for a dairy processing plant
August 2006

40. Becker, Christina
Conception of a self-control system for the food trade
July 2006

39. Emmerich, Katja
Development of a raw material specification system for a bakery
July 2006

38.Juling, Sandra
Introduction to and certification of a food safety system according to
ISO 22000 - illustrated by the example of a brewery
July 2006

37. Wagner, Regine
Conception of an allergen management system for the industrial production of fine baked goods
July 2006

36.Düsterbeck, Ingo
Comparative studies on the technological application of emulsifiers based on lecthins and fatty acid glycerides
May 2006

35. Gutjahr, Daniel
Extraction and processing of edible fats taking into account the requirements for carrying an "organic" label
February 2006

34.Schmitt, Ina-Viola
Process optimization based on statistical methods - Using the example of the reduction of breakage in the production of double cookies
January 2006

2000 - 2005

33. Bostanci, Leila
Preparation of a manual for the establishment and operation of a sensory laboratory for the food industry
October 2005

32. Nichelmann, Natalia
Concept for the introduction to a total quality maintenance system using the example of the production of powdered and compressed foods
October 2005

31.Lehmkuhl, Sara
Conceptual design and introduction to a quality assurance system at a chocolate manufacturer taking into account DIN ISO 9001
August 2005

30. Nünnerich, Katja-Maria
Modification and validation of an investigation method for the dietary fiber content in high-fat foods
August 2005

29.Laechelin, Jörg
Proposals for the revision of the testing concept for a quality seal based on comparative analyses of existing standards
August 2005

28. Wach, Kirsten
Best practices of quality assurance in the meat sector - A comparative study based on European quality standards
August 2005

27.Coenen, Carsten
Development of a quality assurance module for aquacultures using the example of Acipenseridae
August 2005

26. Precht, Stefan
Development and implementation of a hygienic design concept in the planning and construction of a processing plant for turbot (Scophtalmus max.)
July 2005

25.Thelen, Stefanie
Validation of the sensory stability of delicatessen sauces
July 2005

24. Scholz, Martina
Accreditation according to DIN EN 45011 - Presented at a certification body in the field of eggs, egg products, feed and laying hen husbandry
July 2005

23.König, Carlo
Analysis of changes after replacement of the LMBG by the EU Basic Regulation and the Food and Feed Code
March 2005

22. Hillmann, Stefanie
Development and implementation of a concept for establishing the requirements of the HACCP standard of the CCvD in a confectionery company
November 2004

21.Theissen, Monika
Development of a traceability system in the production of organic bakery products taking into account the traceability of raw materials and internal processes
October 2004

20. Rensmann, Carina
Risk assessment of so-called 'active substances' in food and their impact on the food supply
October 2004

19.Fritz, Timm-Peter
Proposed EU legislation on nutrition and health claims and its consequences for the production and marketing of food
September 2004

18. Steinhübel, Thorsten
Investigations to evaluate the possibility of using X-ray detectors in the context of HACCP and quality assurance
August 2004

17.Berndt, Mareike
ISO 9001 requirements for product development and their practical implementation using the example of a confectionery product, Part II
August 2004

16. de Syo, Stefanie
ISO 9001 requirements for product development and their practical implementation using the example of a confectionery product, Part I
August 2004

15.Wodzinski, Simone
Allergens in food - legal requirements, possibilities of their implementation and their limits
June 2004

14. Weihrauch, Sabrina
Conception of a traceability system for a food manufacturing company based on EAN 128
February 2004

13.Petuelli, Carmen
Adaptation of the quality management system of a delicatessen manufacturer to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000
February 2004

12. Veit, Margarete
Color measurements to assess the influence of raw material storage and other factors on the sensory quality of ice cream
January 2004

11.Höper, Katja
Incidence of cancer in the light of acrylamide formation in regionally different food preparation processes
November 2003

10. Freidank, Natja
Alimentary intake of acrylamide in children - An estimation based on dietary records and analytical data
October 2003

9.Meid, Christina
Development and introduction to a traceability system in the production of traditional seasonal baked goods
September 2003

8. Tilly, Rene
Development and introduction to a process-oriented integrated management system to control operational processes
July 2003

7.Pütz, Adina
Guideline for the centrally controlled introduction to HACCP-based food safety systems in non-EU production facilities
June 2003

6. Römer, Robert
Design of a QMS according to ISO 9001:2000 for services in the context of the management of a quality label
January 2003

5.Dragicevic, Dragica
Risk Analysis - An Instrument of European Food Law for the Avoidance of Technical Barriers to Trade
January 2003

4. Tekampe, Mareen
Beer Ingredients and their Health Potentials
October 2002

3. Peltzer, Verena
Conversion of the QM System in a Production Company in Accordance with the Requirements of the Revised DIN ISO 9001:2000 Standard
September 2002

2.Rüschenschröer, Anja
Change of internal and external business processes due to approval of and discussion about genetically modified raw materials using the example of a company
June 2002

1. Roth, Leena
Evaluation of possible applications of X-ray fluorescence measurement for the analysis of feedstuffs based on beet pulp
May 2002

Internal university boards and committees

  • Dean of the Faculty of Food, Nutrition and Hospitality Sciences
  • Subject coordinator in the Master of Science Nutritional and Food Sciences Degree programme
  • Faculty council
  • Conference of deans
  • Senate


External boards and committees and memberships

  • Working Group Quality Management and Hygiene of the Food Chemical Society