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Are you, as a prospective student or student, sometimes at a loss as to which of the university's many counseling centers is responsible for your individual questions? The Hochschule Niederrhein's counseling navigator was developed for this purpose.

No one may be discriminated against on racial grounds, ethnic or social origin, gender, religion, ideology or political views, disability, age, lifestyle or sexual identity or orientation. Harassment and violence are also not tolerated at The Hochschule Niederrhein. The AGG Advice and Complaints Office offers all members of the university, as well as third parties, the opportunity to receive confidential advice. In dialog with the person concerned, options and any associated measures are discussed and, if necessary, followed up.

In cooperation with the two employment agencies in Krefeld and Mönchengladbach, individual Career Service Consultation hours are held regularly at the Krefeld South Campus, Krefeld West Campus and Mönchengladbach Campus. A team of career counselors advises interested students on the following topics:

  • internship semester
  • Bachelor's and master's theses
  • applications
  • part-time jobs
  • Choice of field of study
  • Change of subject and place of study
  • Placement of apprentices
  • Graduate placement

HNX is a contact point for people interested in starting a business and founders at the Hochschule Niederrhein and offers initial advice, events, workshops and networking on the topic of starting a business.

Psychosocial Counselling Centre Krefeld
Charlotte Zajac
Psychosocial Counselling Centre Mönchengladbach
Ute Mewes

Student Degree Programme Counselling is an individual, confidential and voluntary counselling service for students in the respective faculties. It offers all students the opportunity to discuss problems and questions in their studies in a timely manner and to receive support in the course of their studies.

In addition to advising, Student Degree Programme Counselling offers services at the commencement of studies and throughout the course of studies. At the university, for example, it is responsible for organizing the introductory week(s) for first-semester students as well as tutorials and revision courses in the respective faculties. She also offers students support on topics such as learning and scientific work and organizes the "Late shift - Long evening of unprepared examinations unwritten texts" every semester.

Sandra Dölling-Trapp
Sandra Dölling-Trapp
Project Management Student Degree Programme Counselling

Doubts about the choice of study are normal and arise for many students in the course of their studies. Often the thoughts of dropping out disappear again, but sometimes they don't: the subject doesn't (or no longer) suit one's own interests, the examinations are permanently too demanding, or one would like to learn a profession closer to or directly in practical application.

Studying is only one of many ways to get off to a good start in professional life. Dropping out of studies should be well considered, but can be exactly the right individual "course correction" and decision in the case of fundamental doubts about studies.

Dipl. Ped. Désirée Krüger
Head of Career Service