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HNX - We are your team for business start-ups at the Hochschule Niederrhein

Foto: Albuquerque Carlos (CA)

Two strong teams united as HNX

We are the team for founding and entrepreneurship at Hochschule Niederrhein. Two highly motivated teams from the federal funding projects "GetUp_MeetUp_StartUp!" and "HNexist" have joined forces at HSNR. They form the central point of contact for the topics for founding and entrepreneurship under the umbrella name "HNX - Your way to start up".

HNX is an acronym for Hochschule Niederrhein and X - as a symbol for the stairs to be climbed, which make up the start-up concept of HSNR.

HNX is aimed equally at students and employees and pursues the goal of establishing a practical orientation and lively start-up culture at HSNR and of recognizing and exploiting the potential for innovative start-up ideas. The HNX team is also available to assist lecturers around the topic of entrepreneurship education. From creative workshops to short lectures or the accompaniment and implementation of lectures - our offer is versatile and will be customized to fit your teaching education. Hochschule Niederrhein has also prioritized this in its university development plan and transfer strategy.


We introduce ourselves!

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You have an idea? We help you to realize it!

With HNX you can take the first step today and get professional support on the way from your idear to a proper business case.

You would like to find out whether starting a business can be a way for you?
You like the idea of founding a business, but you still lack the right idea?
You have an idea in mind and want to know how to proceed?
Or you would like to found a company as part of a team and are still looking for like-minded people?

HNX at at Hochschule Niederrhein will support you on your way.

Curious? We are open to all your questions. Contact us now and take the first step. We are looking forward to meeting you!


Voices on HNX

Björn Ullmann
Statement on HNX consulting

"A good friend immediately recommended the advice of the HNX team. In addition to many workshops and consultations, the HNX team also helped me with pitch training for the perfect presentation, a workshop on finding a name and valuable tips on funding and applications. I can only recommend anyone who is thinking about starting their own business to get in touch with the HNX team at The Hochschule Niederrhein. The services provided help you and enable you to make more effective progress in many areas."

Tim Schmitz
Statement on HNX consulting

"We really attended a lot of workshops there, for example on the subject of taxes or trademark registration, and received a lot of input for all our questions," says Tim Schmitz. "For example, when it came to drawing up a partnership agreement. These are all things that you've simply never dealt with before."

I have my eye on you! Play with me!

Quest of Gelduba! the idea game from HNX

Dive into the greatest idea adventure game of your life.

In Quest of Gelduba you take on the role of an apprentice mage. Find a way to save your family and friends from the curse of Lethargika. To do this, you'll need support - and mana. Can a creature from a strange parallel world help you?

On this fantasy adventure journey, many different mini-games will challenge you. Master them to unlock needed items and expand your knowledge. At the same time, you'll learn many things that are important when it comes to good ideas for solutions to earthly problems. Because this game offers more than just entertainment: you'll also learn many important things about idea generation, idea development and about creating a startup. Quest of Gelduba helps you find out what you are really made of and what your heart beats for.

This game can be an inspiration and enrichment for everyone, even though it is primarily aimed at students and employees of the Hochschule Niederrhein. Find out what you are made of!

Click here to go to Gelduba

That was the BATTLE OF IDEAS 22

Here is a YouTube video. Click on it to watch. The data protection regulations of google apply!

The BATTLE OF IDEAS 22 is behind us. The HNX team was instrumental in creation, organization, planning and execution of the event. The project "Leuchtturm_NIEDERRHEIN (Innovative Hochschule)  made the competition possible. On this day, 6 finalists and teams entered the pitch ring and competed with their ideas. The first place and 20.000 € was won by Alexandra Plewnia.

Event overview

< March 2024 >

Our HNX offer for those interested in starting a business

Consulting & Coaching

The HNX StartUp Coaches are available for all concerns regarding the topic of start-ups and entrepreneurship. The professional advice and support enables you to try out your own ideas, to test them and to develop them into marketable products and services.

Get in contact with us and take the first step towards your self-employment.
E-mail hnx(at)

Grants & Finances

There are various funding programs for founders from universities and sciences that create the necessary financial freedom to develop your own idea and prepare yourself for market entry. HNX explains requirements, formalities and the application procedure to supports you on your way, e.g. Gründerstipendium NRW or EXIST-Gründerstipendium.

Networking & Inspiration

Take the opportunity to get to know the startup ecosystem of HSNR and the region by attending HNX events and making the first important contacts for your startup project. Here you will meet like-minded people, potential co-founders, business partners and first customers.

HNX Start-up unplugged - Gründer reden Klartext is a monthly format in which founders from our university give insights into their way and everyday life as self-employed person. In a dialogue with the moderator and the audiance they are being interviewed about the founder's personality, challenges, learnings, tips and advice. HNX Start-up unplugged is also a great place for networking and sharing your on thoughts and ideas.

Be inspired by successful founders from The Hochschule Niederrhein and other regions!

HNX Founder Gallery

Things to know & workshops

Learn the basic and specialize in topics for starting a business and continually develop your entrepreneurial mindset. HNX provides a wide range of formats and tools, e.g.

  • Specialized workshops on tax and legal topics, prototyping workshops

  • HNX Moodle course with numerous support tools

  • Courses in cooperation with the faculties

to the events


Two StartUp Labs are currently being set up at the university locations in Mönchengladbach and Krefeld-Süd. They function as a meeting point for various disciplines, actors and research and practical projects at the university. They create a community in which interdisciplinary teams and new types of cooperation can network.

Workshop & Labs

HNX is committed to supporting the specialized laboratories, workshops and research projects, such as the Textile Innovatorium, the HIT Surface Center oand the MakerSpace more strongly for the development and implementation of innovative (business) ideas.

Click here for the overview of the workshops of the Faculty of Design.

Kickstart@HSNR - Up to € 7,500 for your idea!

You have an innovative, promising idea and would like to (further) develop it with support, expand it and make a prototype or take a big step forward in its development?

Then apply now for the KickStart@HSNR funding!

Who is eligible to participate?

  • Individuals or teams
  • All students and university members of HSNR
  • Those who are not yet self-employed, it must not have been founded yet


What ideas will be funded?

  • Social, technical, economic, digital or sustainable
  • All ideas and disciplines are welcome


Interested? Then visit our Moodle space now for all further details!

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